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The Benefits of Using Ipe Wood for Your Deck

If you are looking to construct a deck in your yard, then you would want to use a kind of wood that could withstand the elements and last you for a long time. One kind of wood that is ideal for constructing decks is Ipe wood. The following discussion will show you why Ipe wood is the most ideal wood for your yard deck. Here are some of the reason why you should use Ipe wood.

Ipe wood is very durable and is good reason to use it. The reason for this is that it is a very dense wood. IPe wood does not float in water because of its density. Ipe woods density protects it and makes it last longer. It is a kind of wood that does not stain, scratch, or crack easily. This quality will help it to retain its beauty all throughout.

Ipe wood is also resistant to rot, decay and the growth of molds. Rotting and splitting does not usually happen to Ipe wood. And the reasons for this is that this type of wood contains a high concentration of natural oils in its grains. The wood is stable because of its natural oils. Anything that will damage its inward parts is rejected by the wood. This is a very safe option for hardwoods since this wood is very grainy so it offers great resistance to slipping. A good example of the durability of Ipe wood is the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

If you are a homeowner, you would surely be concerned about maintaining your deck. Even without maintenance of a long time, your deck will still look great if made with Ipe wood. Ipe wood has high mechanical strength and is a stable kind of wood. It does not even require sealing. Maintenance can consist of simple mopping and annually cleaning stains. Oiling the wood once a year gives it more protection. This helps it to repel water and UV rays. Oil can also help retain its reddish-brown color.

Heat is not absorbed by Ipe wood. So, it will not get burned if the temperatures are high. Its ability to resist fire is the same as steel and concrete. Its fire-resistant quality is better than most softer woods.

Your ipe wood will remain strong no matter how much activity you do in your yard deck. Since this is natural wood and not a composite, it is a highly environmentally friendly option for your deck.

Constructing your deck with ipe wood is the best thing that you can do for your home. The benefits we have seen above will be yours to enjoy if you use iPe wood for your deck construction.

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